IELTS Reading

Understanding the IELTS Reading Test

IELTS Reading test is a very significant section where a candidate’s level of English is assessed through reading tasks.

Duration of the IELTS Reading test: 60 minutes

There are various types of questions in IELTS Reading section which you need to attempt after reading the text.

Question Types:

Fill the gaps in a passage

Match headings

Complete sentence

Multiple choice questions

Short answers to open questions

While attempting the IELTS Reading test, you need to keep in mind the following instructions:

Read for the general sense of a passage

Read for the main ideas

Read for detail

Understand inferences and implied meaning

Recognise a writer’s opinions,attitudes and purpose

Follow the development of an argument

You can practice for IELTS Reading tasks as there are three sections here which you need to attempt to check your level. In case of  IELTS Academic Reading sample test, it will give you an idea about the different type of sections as the tasks here are based on graphs, charts and diagrams according to which you need to answer.  For IELTS Exam preparation, you need to attempt  a regular series of practice tests

Each correct answer receives one mark. Scores out of 40 are converted and reported in whole (e.g. 6.0,7.0) or half (e.g. 4.5,5.5) bands

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